Trust and Estate planning

Everyone wants the best for their loved ones.  The McNulty CPA trust and estate planning team is dedicated to helping individuals, business owners, trustees, and executors plan and carry out the most beneficial strategies for preserving and transferring wealth.

Business Valuation

A business valuation can play a key role in your gifting and estate planning strategy. If your estate plan calls for the gifting of shares of a closely held business out of the estate, McNulty CPA can tailor a valuation report to ensure we meet the IRS’s disclosure requirements. We can also assist with assigning value to a closely held business in a taxable estate or assign a cost basis to shares of an inherited business to reduce future taxable gains.


Charitable Giving

Including charitable giving in your estate plan allows you to support the organizations you care about while opening the door for tax planning opportunities. We can help you develop a plan that fulfills your philanthropic vision while taking advantage of current and future tax benefits.

Estate Administration

Trustees and executors have an important yet challenging role to fill. Navigating the legal and administrative issues that arise after a family member or loved one passes away can be daunting. If you have been placed in charge of administering an estate, our accountants and advisors can help you through the process and ensure that your responsibilities are met, including protecting assets, paying debts, filing estate tax returns, and transferring property and assets to beneficiaries.

Estate and Trust Planning

Trust and estate planning strategies are an essential part of the legacy you leave for family, friends, business associates, and your favorite charitable organizations. We understand that wills and trusts are only one aspect of estate planning and seek to help you secure your assets and protect your loved ones.