Family Office

Building a family legacy takes years of savvy business and financial decisions, calculated risks, and the right advisor. McNulty CPA works collaboratively with family members, attorneys, bankers, and other trusted advisors to protect and grow your family’s wealth while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Accounting and Administration

Accounting for your family office is about more than generating historical financial statements — it is about having timely and accurate information about your family’s net worth so you can prepare for what is coming. McNulty CPA provides real-time accounting, budgeting, bill paying, and cash flow management services customized to your family’s unique needs.

Building Family Wealth

Accommodating the goals of each individual and the larger goals of the family takes a delicate balancing act. That’s why McNulty CPAs works closely with attorneys, investment advisors, insurance specialists, and others to protect your assets, grow your family’s wealth, and pass a legacy on to the next generation.

Estate and Gift Planning

Estate and gift planning comes with unique challenges and opportunities in a high-net-worth family. McNulty CPA’s array of customized solutions incorporates tax, insurance, wealth management, and advisory services to help you meet your charitable giving, business succession, and wealth transfer goals.


Establishing a family office to manage your wealth involves a considerable amount of red tape. McNulty CPAs can alleviate that administrative burden by helping you streamline the organization and management of your family’s financial affairs. From providing back-office help with accounting and bill paying to bringing in third parties to assist with legal, technology, and insurance matters, we will ensure your overall structure and strategies are appropriate for meeting your goals.

Tax Planning

Every individual, family, and business needs to take proactive steps to protect wealth while complying with federal and state tax laws. McNulty CPA provides thoughtful advice and tax planning support for our high net worth and family office clients. We can help you prepare for and minimize the tax impact of your investment decisions and wealth-building transactions to preserve your assets for future generations.